NEWS Call for applications for seminar series funding focused on re-conceptualising housing tenure

NEWS Call for applications for seminar series funding focused on re-conceptualising housing tenure

The Housing Studies Association (HSA) is delighted to announce a new seminar series grant scheme. This scheme is in addition to the HSA’s existing funding scheme for events.  In this grant scheme we aim to provide significant resources to enable housing researchers to host events which aim to develop theoretical and conceptual understanding of core issues in Housing Studies. We are grateful to the Housing Studies Charitable Trust for a generous donation which has enabled the creation of this seminar series competition, with funding of up to £8,000.

The call theme for this series is housing tenure. Housing tenure has traditionally been one of the core classifications in housing research and policy in advanced capitalist societies. Yet its use in both analysis and as a key construct for housing policy is problematic.  For example, increasing housing segmentation, diversification within tenures, and emergent housing “informality” within the Global North all disrupt the conventional tenure triad of homeownership, private renting and social housing.  This competition seeks proposals which will explore theoretical and practical issues relating to our understanding of housing tenure in the contemporary period. Responses to the call are open, but could consider:

  • deconstructions and re-conceptualisations of housing tenure,
  • the increasing fragmentation of, and blurring of lines between, tenures,
  • the development of a fuller understanding of segmentation within tenures
  • The role of new ‘housing classes’ associated with changing tenure dynamics, including residents and landlords/investors
  • The relationship between tenure fragmentation and social polarization
  • The spatial patterns and implications of housing segmentation and informality
  • Community-led responses which disrupt the traditional tenure triad
  • International perspectives on the dynamics of housing tenure.

Guidance for applicants

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals via this application form which bring together early career and established researchers to address both agenda setting and perennial issues within the call theme. Proposals should clearly demonstrate engagement across institutions the housing studies community.

The series should complement rather than replicate other activity. As such it seeks to support seminars that will stimulate new thinking, discussion and research and to critically engage with and question key concepts and frameworks that are or have been routinely cited in the literature and or policy debates.

Proposals may be for either a single seminar or seminar series (up to 3 events).

Applicants must clearly set out how they will address the call topic and the details of the proposed seminar(s) including full budget and justification of resources.

Whilst this is an open competition and applicants are encouraged to consider alternative forms of seminar structure and format, for the selection process the HSA will consider:

  • The proximity of the seminar(s) goals and background to the call theme
  • The emphasis on high quality discussion rather than broad dissemination (potentially in the region of 12-20 participants per seminar)
  • The active participation within the seminar(s) of housing researchers at different stages of their careers, including, but not limited to early career researchers
  • The intended outputs of the seminar(s) (any publication derived from the seminar(s) must acknowledge the support of the HSA and HSCT)

In addition to requiring that the lead applicant is a current member of the HSA, the HSA reserves the right to nominate one participant at the seminars, whom will be given the opportunity to promote the HSA and other organisations at the HSA’s discretion.

Furthermore, the applicant will be subject to the standard terms and conditions for support for events (see below for details).

The budget

i) The maximum financial support for the seminar is £8,000. Whilst applicants are encouraged to consider value for money, this does not imply that low cost proposals will be ranked more highly than those with higher costs (as long as they do not exceed the £8,000 threshold support from the HSA)

ii) We will consider all costs, but it is unlikely that we will fund time for academic staff without exceptional reasons.

iii) We recommend that a realistic budget for participant travel expenses to the seminar(s) is included.

iv) An itemised budget should be included in the bid, which could include:

  • Administrative support (for running the event)
  • Travel and subsistence costs for organisers, speakers and participants (at reasonable cost)
  • Venue and equipment hire
  • Reasonable catering costs
  • Dissemination after the event

v) If international travel is included in the proposal, a clear indication of the commitment of those travelling and justification of resources is required.

vi) Further conditions may be found below.

Review Process

All eligible proposals will be reviewed by a panel of Housing Studies Association committee members and awarded on the basis of their judgement. All decisions are final and the Housing Studies Association reserves the right to alter the selection process as it deems appropriate.

About the organisations

The Housing Studies Charitable Trust (hereafter HSCT) aims to promote and disseminate research in the field of housing studies, through its publication ‘Housing Studies’ and other activities, to stimulate national and international debate on policies to improve housing provision. This new funding opportunity has been made possible with the support of the HSCT. In this paper, HSCT board member Alan Murie explores potential future directions for housing research.

The Housing Studies Association (hereafter HSA) promotes the study of housing; brings together researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in housing research and education; encourages the practical application of social research to the field of housing studies; and represents the interests of those researching or teaching housing studies in higher education to funding and development organisations, and to government.

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd May 2019.

For questions about this call for applications please contact Dr Richard Dunning (


Conditions of support for the seminar(s)

The following conditions will apply to all support and endorsement provided by the Housing Studies Association:

  1. The activity and seminar(s) will be delivered as specified in this application. The HSA will be notified immediately if there is any change to the proposed activity or event.
  2. The HSA and HSCT logos must be featured on any publicity or materials related to the activity or event and HSA and HSCT support and/or endorsement for the activity or event must be clearly identified.
  3. The recipient must agree to distribute any HSA publicity material at the activity or event, if requested to do so.
  4. The lead or named applicant/recipient will provide the HSA with a short blog on each of the activities or events and their outcomes. This blog may be edited by the HSA. The lead or named applicant/recipient will additionally provide a short financial report which indicates how funds have been spent in accordance with the application and award.
  5. Any resources provided by the HSA which are not directly used in relation to the activity or event must be returned to the HSA.
  6. The HSA will not accept any liability or risk for the delivery of activities or events or any further events or claims arising from them.
  7. The HSA will seek to recover any funds that are used inappropriately.
  8. The HSA will not support events which include material which is defamatory or libellous or which breaches race relations or equalities legislation. Event organisers must ensure that no such material is presented and, as far as is possible, ensure that any published material arising directly from the event adheres to this condition.
  9. It is the responsibility of the event organisers, and not the HSA, to ensure that any participants from outside the EU have the necessary visa and legal status to lawfully attend events held in the UK.

Other conditions may be applied at the discretion of the HSA sub-committee, as determined to protect the interests of the HSA and its members.