EVENT: Sparkbrook Revisited?

EVENT: Sparkbrook Revisited?

Sparkbrook Revisited?

Professor Robert Moore, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool

Social Policy Subject Group Seminar

 Wednesday 17 May 4pm to 6pm:  Lecture Room 1, Strathcona Building, University of Birmingham.

 Is it possible to ‘revisit’ a location after 50 years of economic and social change? The paper explores the major economic and social changes that have transformed Birmingham and Sparkbrook since 1965 looking especially at changes in occupations and housing tenure. In what sense is it the same Sparkbrook?

 Race, Community and Conflict developed the idea of ‘housing classes’ in order to understand social and political conflicts against a background of full employment in a buoyant regional economy. Housing classes were a source of considerable debate; ‘class’ is conventionally treated as deriving from the ownership and control of capital and labour-power; critics asserted housing is an aspect of consumption rather than relations of production and therefore there cannot be housing classes. The paper revisits the idea of housing classes and asks how well it holds up in conditions of less than full employment and increasing economic inequality. Does ‘class’ traditionally defined now trump ‘housing classes’?

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