Routledge Focus – Housing and Philosophy

Routledge Focus – Housing and Philosophy

Routledge Focus – Housing and Philosophy

Can we look at housing philosophically? Housing can appear to be an eminently practical subject. After all, it is literally bricks and mortar. But housing is also much more than this. It is an existential need and is central to the functioning of individuals, communities and society as a whole. Particularly in developed countries, housing is something we aspire for and use as a mark of our status. Moreover, housing is not merely something we have – an object – but it is also something we all do – an activity. We provide and maintain our own housing and there are organisations that provide, manage and maintain housing for others. Unlike education and health care, we are able to be much more involved in the provision and management of our own housing

So housing relates to what we wish society to be, how we wish to treat the vulnerable, what we think we are capable of, as well as relating to our sense of self. The types of housing we have says something about us as individuals and our abilities to meet our needs and make choices. It also says something about the ethical basis of our society and our preparedness to take care of others. In other words, housing is a topic ripe for philosophical study. Philosophy can help draw out the normative principles that underpin housing provision and the desire we have for our own home. Philosophy can help us to understand what housing is and what it does in all its complexity.

This new book series seeks to develop the links between housing and philosophy. It seeks proposals from academics and policy makers on any aspect of philosophy and its relation to housing. This might include ethics, political and social philosophy, aesthetics, as well as logic, epistemology and metaphysics. All proposals would be expected to apply philosophical rigour to the exploration of housing phenomena, whether this be the policy making process, design, or the manner in which individuals and communities relate to housing. The series seeks an international and comparative focus and is particularly keen to include innovative and distinctly new approaches to the study of housing.

Please contact Peter King ( with ideas for book proposal or for further details.

Short Form Publishing with Routledge Focus

Routledge Focus is our new program of short form publications. These books are 20,000 to 50,000 words and will be published within three months as eBooks, and in Hardback as print on demand. We already have a number of new books and book series within our subject areas such as humanities, social and behavioral sciences and we are now looking for new titles and series ideas for our growing Construction and Built Environment publishing.

Focus titles sell globally into all our national and regional markets and are valuable reading for scholars, students, researchers, professionals, and practitioners, as well as those working in think tanks and policy circles. The titles will be available for individual or institutional purchase.

If you are looking for a publishing output requiring more than just a journal paper, but smaller in length than a traditional monograph, Routledge Focus could be for you.

Advantages for Authors

  • Speed to market – 10–12 weeks from manuscript submission to publication.
  • Topicality – Allows you to respond quickly to current affairs and contemporary issues and policies.
  • Flexibility – Perfect for situations where you have too much material for an article but not enough for a full-length book.
  • Accessibility – Helps you to make your research findings concise and accessible.
  • Impact – Format, quick timeframe, and competitive pricing helps your work to impact upon policy and practice.
  • Quality – All titles in the Routledge Focus program will be subject to our usual high standards of peer review.
  • Benefits – Subject to standard Routledge author contracts including royalties and subsidiary rights.
  • Global Market – You will have all the benefits of your short form title being marketed, sold, and distributed by a major Publisher with genuinely global coverage.


  • Length – 20,000 to 50,000 words including notes and references.
  • Format – Each Routledge Focus title will be published as an eBook (suitable for reading on your e-reader, laptop, mobile device, or tablet). For those that still prefer print, there will be a simultaneous print-on-demand Hardback available.

Single-Authored/Edited Collection – Both single-authored or edited collections can be submitted.