Call for Papers: Struggles over ‘home’ in a time of crisis

Call for Papers: Struggles over ‘home’ in a time of crisis

Deadline for 250 word abstracts: 21st October 2016

If precaritisation is no longer a ‘marginal phenomenon’ (Lorey, 2015), then where does this leave our sense of ‘home’? Recent economic crashes, austerity regimes, refugee crises and in the UK, Brexit-related racisms, demand robust accounts of: contemporary displacements and ‘domicides’ (Porteus and Smith 2001; Nowicki 2014), patterns of domination producing ideas of ‘home’ and the means of challenging these violences and chauvinisms. In response, this event calls together researchers (including early career), activists and organisers to discuss how ideas and materialities of ‘home’ are being financialised, erased, precaritised, imagined, bounded, produced and disrupted in different registers, moments and spaces today. It seeks interdisciplinary dialogue to ask: what, where, who is ‘home’ today? Who gets to claim and name ‘home’? What kind of tensions or injustices do interventions in and allusions to ‘home’ generate? And what forms and practices of labour and resistance do these give rise to? We seek this productive engagement with meanings of ‘home’ across a multiplicity of settings, scales and practices and take inspiration from not only ongoing sociological debates and urgent activisms, but from recent cultural interventions which reflect mobile, imagined or idealised constructs of ‘home’ in a period of endemic insecurity e.g. Grayson Perry’s (2015) ‘House for Essex, Assemble’s (2015) Turner Prize winning ‘Granby Four Streets’ project and films such as ‘99 Homes’ (Bahrani, 2015) and ‘A Syrian Love Story’ (McAllister 2015).

We welcome contributions on topics including, but not restricted to:

Financialisation of housing Social housing struggles Gentrification / displacement Forced migrations / mobilities Ethnicities / nationalisms / multicultures Postcolonial / critical race / queer accounts of ‘home’ Austerities and precarities Housing the 1% (elites, gated communities, poor doors) Youth transitions and ‘generation rent’ Feminism and the ‘home’ Borders / movements / flows / Carceral ‘homes’ / camps Transient ‘homes’ and settlements Resistance / squatting / alternative communities Homelessness

We anticipate an event that includes blends academic / activist / policy discussion and will be looking to publish papers.

Please send paper abstracts to Andrew Wallace (

Plenary speakers confirmed so far:

Gargi Bhattacharya – University of East London
Manuel Aalbers – KU Leuven
Kehinde Andrews – Birmingham City University
Adrian Favell – University of Leeds
Tracy Shildrick – University of Leeds
Paul Watt – Birkbeck, University of London
Kirsteen Paton – University of Leeds

Delegate fee: £40 (free for students / postdocs / unwaged).

Full registration details to follow.