News from the Centre for Housing Policy

News from the Centre for Housing Policy

By HSA Blog

  • CHP is hosting Feantsa’s 7th European Research Conference: Access to Housing for Homeless People in Europe on 21 September.
  • Breaking up communities? The social impact of housing demolition in the late twentieth century: A free study and information sharing day (with refreshments) 10am-4pm, November 2nd 2012, York. Booking is open to all. For further information or to book a place please contact

More details of these events can be found at CHP

New projects

Derwenthorpe: A three-year study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, evaluating a new build eco-scheme in York. The aim is to provide feedback to residents and to the Trust to support the development of an environmentally and socially sustainable community at Derwenthorpe, and to provide lessons for other areas and for policy.

EAGA CT Fuel Poverty and Disability: This project aims: to consolidate existing knowledge and understanding in the field of disability and fuel poverty; to conduct empirical work that will help to understand different dimensions of disability and fuel poverty in depth, and to consider and assess the impact of policy changes on disabled people. Ultimately, the project will make policy recommendations to alleviate any negative or unintended consequences of policy change.

Lloyds TSB Banking Group are funding this project to increase their understanding of the custom-build housing market. The research aims to set the contemporary context, identify the range of experience amongst custom builders (both individuals and groups), identify any obstacles commonly encountered and the responses of key players designed to ease such barriers, including the likely impact of the current Government/industry initiatives.

Crisis: Skylight: A project on outcomes evaluation for Crisis PRS access schemes. Evaluation of Managing the Journey of Younger Members Programme based at Skylight Oxford.

Crisis: Evaluation Tool for the Private Rented Sector: This project aims to develop a tool to demonstrate the outcomes, effectiveness and cost benefits of schemes that enable access to the private rented sector for homeless and potentially homeless single people.

Crisis: Reconnection schemes: CHP will contribute to a project led by Heriot Watt University, evaluating the effectiveness and ethicality of reconnections schemes in England.
Simon Communities: Policy Research on the Homeless Strategy: The research will look at access to long term accommodation and housing and explore the range of possible exits.

HABITACT: Habitact is a review of Homelessness Service and Homeless Strategy Evaluation Methodologies for Use in the EU : The review is being carried out with the aim of recommending an evaluative methodology for the robust assessment of homelessness services and homelessness strategies.