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HSA Conference 2015: Housing the Generations: Justice, Inequality and the Implications of Political Change

April 8, 2015 @ 9:00 am - April 10, 2015 @ 2:00 pm


April 8, 2015 @ 9:00 am
April 10, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
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University of York
York, Heslington United Kingdom

As we approach the 2015 UK General Election and in the context of the decision over Scottish independence housing is again at the heart of current social and political change. Debates continue around the multiple ways in which housing can be conceptualised and provided, as the ongoing impacts of economic and welfare crises are felt. Across all generations and tenures, households face challenges in accessing both affordable and suitable housing. Increasingly, younger households are reliant on family support to access owner occupation, while changes to social housing and the withdrawal of welfare safety nets continue to affect where, why and how it is provided. The private rental sector is increasingly becoming the only realistic option for many. This locates housing centre stage in the wider debates regarding justice and fairness both within and between generations, as well as the respective roles of individuals and the state within welfare regimes. The HSA conference provides the opportunity to discuss and debate these themes, exploring the role of housing within debates of justice and equality, and the extent to which there is coalescence or divergence around these issues within and beyond the UK during an era of political change.

Keynote sessions will focused on the following themes:
  • Homeownership, housing wealth and intergenerational justice
  • Housing, class and poverty
  • The implications of political change for housing in the UK

Confirmed speakers include: 

  • Dr Beverley Searle (University of Dundee)
  • Professor Sue Heath (University of Manchester)
  • Professor Ken Gibb (University of Glasgow)
  • Kate Barker (Office for Budget Responsibility)

Associated papers

Workshop papers and presentations

  • Demographic trends and housing need in Northern Ireland

    Joe Frey, Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Planning obligations and affordable housing delivery in a changing context

    Sue Brownill, Oxford Brookes University
  • Embedding financialisation: A policy review of the Affordable Homes Programme

    Stewart Smyth, University of Sheffield
  • Fuel poverty and disabled people: sustaining a warm home in the context of welfare reform

    Mark Bevan and Carolyn Snell, University of York
  • The Heterogeneity of Housing Elderly’s Profile: Evidence from Walloon Data

    Stéphanie Cassilde, Centre d'Etudes en Habitat Durable (CEHD)
  • Meeting commercial and social goals: institutional investment in the housing association sector

    Connie P.Y. Tang , Michael Oxley and Daniel Mekic, University of Cambridge
  • The Hidden Crisis of Homeownership: Tales from County Durham

    Lee Forster-Kirkham, Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Buy-to-let Mortgage Arrears: Understanding the factors that influence landlords’ mortgage debt

    Alison Wallace, University of York
  • Fuelling Pauperism – How the Coalition Government’s lavish spending on housing benefit and helping private landlords is making housing less affordable for us all

    Len Gibbs, Epic Housing
  • Negotiating shared housing in austerity Britain: pragmatic responses and policy challenges

    Rachael Scicluna and Sue Heath, University of Manchester
  • The Two-fold Truth of the Work of the Housing Professional

    Joe Crawford, University of St Andrews
  • The new paternalists? Social housing and conduct conditionality in England and Scotland

    Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Beth Watts, I-SPHERE, Heriot-Watt University
  • Gamers or Victims of the System? Welfare Reform, Hyper Vulnerability and Cynical Manipulation

    Del Fletcher, Sheffield Hallam University, and John Flint, University of Sheffield
  • Family background and young adults’ housing outcomes, 1971-2011

    Rory Coulter, University of Cambridge
  • Housing the younger generation: A cross-cultural analysis of the role of intergenerational family support and dependence on family provision for housing for young people

    Mark Tsun On Wong, University of Edinburgh
  • Understanding older people’s housing wants and needs and barriers to satisfying them

    Doug McNab, AECOM
  • The pursuit of homeownership and the importance of family support

    Tom Moore, University of Sheffield, Kim McKee and Adriana Soaita, University of St Andrews

Early careers papers and presentations

  • Intensive family intervention and the problem figuration of ‘troubled families’

    Emily Ball, University of Sheffield
  • The unhomely home: women, home-lessness and the unheimlich

    Lindsey McCarthy, Sheffield Hallam University
  • In search of the optimal: satisficing and housing search models

    Richard Dunning, University of Sheffield
  • Political ideology and housing supply: rethinking New Towns and the building of new communities in England

    Dr. Helena Rivera, University College London
  • The Appeal of Welfare: The limits of law in the face of the welfare reform agenda

    Jed Meers, University of York
  • Spaces of misunderstanding? Disparity and conflict between national level policy-making and local housing management post-2011 riots

    Gareth Young, University of Sheffield
  • The re-emergence of the deserving poor through recent legislation in a social housing context

    Charlotte Hood-Fredriksen, University of Liverpool
  • A Tale of Two Cities: The Impact of Social Housing on Health in Glasgow and Baltimore

    Nicholas Sharrar, University of Glasgow
  • Social housing and carbon control: retrofit practices under eco-state restructuring and austerity

    Jenni Cauvain, University of Nottingham
  • The implications of policy reform for profit motives of social housing actors in England

    Charles Jarvis, University of Manchester
  • Searching for ‘generation rent’: Identifying niches in the private rented sector

    Ben Pattison, University of Birmingham
  • The democratic role of co-operative housing: challenging the notion of generation rent in the UK housing market

    Emma Griffin, University of the West of England
  • Precarity in the private rented sector: A framework for considering mobility and security

    Darren Baxter, University of York

Plenary papers and presentations