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Housing Studies Association Conference 2013: Changing Political, socioeconomic and institutional landscapes: What are the consequences for housing?

April 10, 2013 - April 12, 2013


University of York
York, Heslington United Kingdom

Housing finds itself at the centre of unprecedented change in political, socioeconomic and institutional landscapes in light of Impending welfare reform and the ongoing impacts of the economic downturn and austerity measures. Political expediency and ideological opportunity are imposing significant challenges for the way housing is conceptualised and produced. Furthermore, housing strategies are heading in new directions in different jurisdictions. The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to reflect on the implications of these and related issues for housing theory, provision and practice.

Keynote speakers will focus on a number of themes:

  • Welfare reform and understandings of housing as a welfare good, including reflections on notions of entitlement
  • Changing state/market relationships and the implications for the planning and delivery of housing
  • The politics of housing

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Prof Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Heriot-Watt University
  • Prof John Flint, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Peter King, De Montfort University
  • Grainia Long, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Kevin Dodd, Chief Executive, Wakefield and District Housing
  • David Orr, National Housing Federation

Papers addressing the conference themes or dealing with any other aspect of housing policy, practice or theory are welcomed. Offers of papers (a title and 200 word abstract) should be emailed to Martin McNally (martin.mcnally@chester.ac.uk) and Sarah Johnsen (s.johnsen@hw.ac.uk) by Friday 1 February 2013. (Please note that the organisers reserve the right to edit abstracts that exceed the 200-word limit).

An Early Career stream, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, will run in parallel with the main conference. Abstracts for this stream (also 200 words max) should be sent to Gareth Young (gjyoung1@shef.ac.uk) and Ben Pattison (bmp248@ bham.ac.uk) by Friday 1 February 2013. Early Career delegates will be invited to submit a written paper after the conference in order to be considered for the new Valerie Karn Memorial Prize.

Six bursaries, jointly funded by the HSA and Housing Studies Charitable Trust, are available providing financial support for attending the conference.

Associated papers

Workshop papers and presentations

  • Strategic planning and housing delivery in the post recession period: a case study of London

    Duncan Bowie
  • Subaltern imaginaries of localism: Constructions of place, space and democracy in community-led housing organisations

    Quintin Bradley
  • Neighbourhood planning: A new, yet familiar, initiative

    Katherine Brookfield
  • Evaluating supported housing

    David Clapham
  • How are social landlords repsonding to housing benefit reductions for social tenants? (no paper)

    Anna Clarke
  • Back to basics or new responsibilities? Social housing management in a time of change

    Julie Clarke, Paul Grainger and Rachel Kirk
  • Territorial stigmatisation, attrition and compulsion: a three-pronged approach to “winkling”

    Lee Crookes
  • Local housing and education markets: In conflict or cooperation? A preliminary analysis

    Ed Ferrari
  • Is there a cogent argument to make for seeking a deliberate reduction in UK house prices

    Martin Field
  • Can the delivery of ‘Sustainable Urban Extensions’ in the UK help bring sustainability to house prices? (no paper)

    Martin Field, Bob Colenutt and Allan Cochran
  • Poor housing, poor health: The challenge of making an impact with research in a changing institutional landscape

    Joe Frey
  • Evaluating housing challenge funding in Scotland: Necessity is the mother of innovation

    Kenneth Gibb, Andrew Field and Robert McDowell
  • Investigating the new landscapes of housing: policy, politics and the emerging research agenda

    Keith Jacobs and Toni Manzi

Early careers papers and presentations

  • Trust and participation in urban regeneration

    Dominic Aitken
  • Intergenerational wealth transfers and family support in shaping household housing positions within different welfare regime contexts (no paper)

    Rowan Arundel
  • “You should not buy a house, but a neighbour”: Housing and neighbourhood choice of Turkish middle-class migrants in Berlin

    Christine Barwick
  • Brazilian housing governance and municipal policy [trans]formation[s]

    Hector Becerril Miranda
  • Gender, ethnicity and financial exclusion: A study of South Asian women in the North West of England

    Emma Bimpson
  • The many lives of “Building for Life”: housing design standards in tension

    Nicholas Choy
  • Changing regulation and economic crises: What consequences for strategic decision-making in housing associations? Insights from case studies in England and the Netherlands

    Darinka Czischke, Vincent Gruis and David Mullins
  • Housing property and family welfare strategies: Why take kinship seriously?

    Oana Druta
  • Placing speculative housing developers on the sustainable development spectrum

    Abigail Gilbert
  • Video making as research: Learning from the experience of eco-homes

    Barry Goodchild, Fin O'Flaherty and Aimee Walshaw
  • Is shared ownership a “flexible tenure”?

    Rowena Hay

Plenary papers and presentations