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Housing Studies Association Conference – 2012 How is the Housing System Coping?

April 18, 2012 - April 20, 2012


University of York
York, Heslington United Kingdom + Google Map

Associated papers

Workshop papers and presentations

  • The private rented sector as permanent housing for low income households – housing policy and the local authority role

    Bryony Stevens
  • Exploring the private rented sector: Early findings from the Sustain PRS project

    Mary Smith, Francesca Albanese and Jenna Truder
  • Housing Wealth in an Ageing Society

    Beverley A. Searle
  • Rediscovering Housing Need in England

    David Robinson
  • Vulnerable households in the owner-occupied sector: affordability in Northern Ireland

    Heather Porter
  • Older adults’ housing futures: policy related research into emerging issues during changing times

    Chris Paris and Joe Frey
  • Measuring performance in the provision of supported accommodation for homeless people

    John Palmer
  • A landlord registration scheme for Northern Ireland – lessons from Scotland and the Republic of Ireland

    Charles O'Neill
  • The governance of change: Procurement of social housing in Northern Ireland

    Jenny Muir and David Mullins
  • Are Economic Theory and Housing Equity Withdrawal Behaviour at Odds? An Application of Mental Accounting

    Alex Marsh and Kenneth Gibb
  • The Private Rented Sector and Young People

    Peter Mackie and David Clapham
  • Young People, Tenure Choices and New Patterns of inequality

    Kim McKee
  • Can the private rented sector in the East Midlands house more homeless people?

    Adam Knight-Markiegi
  • Pathways into Multiple Exclusion Homelessness in the UK

    Sarah Johnsen, Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Glen Bramley
  • What future for evidence based policy: a critical analysis of the politics of housing in the UK

    Keith Jacobs and Tony Manzi
  • Exploring interaction between bank lending and housing prices in Korea

    Jun Ho Jeong
  • Providing homes through empty dwelling occupation: Reflections on recent policy initiatives

    Steven Henderson
  • Can the private rented sector continue to cope?

    Paddy Gray, Ursula McAnulty and Peter Shanks
  • Talking ‘Bout Poor Folks (Thinking ‘Bout my folks): Examining Notions of Self-Esteem and Comparative Poverty in Working Class Households

    Johan Flint and Elaine Batty
  • Competing ideas of social justice and space: locating critiques of housing renewal in theory and in practice

    Ed Ferrari
  • How are Britons coping with housing costs: the implications for Shelter advice services?

    Catherine Davie
  • Social Housing as Subsidy for Industrial Capital – Is David Harvey Right?

    Joe Crawford
  • Social housing and worklessness

    Anna Clarke and Sarah Monk
  • Housing Benefit and under-occupation: the impact of proposed reforms

    Hilary Burkitt
  • Housing an ageing population: housing options and the value of information and advice to older people

    Gemma Burgess
  • Localised planning, sub-regional housing markets and affordability outcomes: modelling a new regime

    Glen Bramley
  • The gift relationship: The emergence of a non-market economy in the management of vacant property

    Quintin Bradley
  • Housing Financial Stress in Australia: An analysis of households reporting payment difficulties

    Scott Baum and Jung Hoon Han

Plenary papers and presentations

  • The ‘broken’ society as the classed representation of ‘welfare spaces’

    Dr Gerry Mooney
  • Hyper-plural Local Governance, Privatisation, and the Barriers to Localist Planning: Lessons from the Private Finance Initiative

    Mike Raco