Valerie Karn Prize 2017

Dr Tony Manzi

Dr Tony Manzi

Just a reminder to Early Career Researchers to put in applications for the Valerie Karn prize to the 2017 HSA Conference. This prize is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work, to demonstrate the value of your research and to disseminate your studies to a wider audience. It also looks great on the CV.

Introduced in 2013, the prize is awarded to the best early career paper. It commemorates the work of a passionate and engaged researcher, who published groundbreaking studies on race, housing and community development – her work with Jeff Henderson in particular, had a huge impact on a generation of researchers. Valerie was strongly engaged in social justice and community empowerment studies – highly topical issues within contemporary housing policy. Whilst we welcome papers that consider themes that Valerie was interested in (such as race, housing management, governance, comparative housing, homelessness or housing standards), we will consider studies of exceptional quality on all housing-related topics.

Previous winners have demonstrated their commitment to social justice and their passion for housing study. Past winners of the prize have included: Nicholas Choy (Kings College London) for a study of the politics and governance of building standards; Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs (University of St. Andrews) for a paper on the ontology of domestic energy research and Jennifer Harris (University of Bristol) on the digitisation of advice and welfare benefit systems.

The prize involves £100 Waterstone’s gift voucher and funding for attending the HSA 2017 conference. The HSA committee members will also provide feedback, offering suggestions for academic publication of the paper.

The closing date for applications is now the 1st March and applicants should send a paper of between 4,000-8,000 words in length (submitted in Word format) to Tony Manzi ( The final decision will be made by HSA executive committee members.