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‘The Precariousness of Housing: (in)equality, (in)security, (in)stability and the growing financialisation of the housing system’

During the past decade, the UK has witnessed the inexorable rise of housing as an economic good and with it a growing abandonment of the conceptual meaning of housing as a social good (Rolnik 2013). This growing financialisation of our housing system and the regard for using housing as a key vehicle for wealth generation has brought with it profound changes to conventional beliefs on people’s rights and other social duties. Security of tenure and generational stability are diminishing features of our housing system and there is a growing separation between what has been traditionally seen as a right ‘to establish a home’ and the contemporary focus on people merely having the right ‘to be sheltered’. This HSA conference provides the opportunity to discuss and debate these themes, critically exploring the confluence of housing mobility with economic mobility, and the extent of its variation, not least from devolutionary changes within the UK and other pressures beyond.

Place : University of York

Dates : 5th – 7th April 2017

Contacts :        Sarah Payne (s.payne@sheffield.ac.uk)

Martin Field (martin.field@northampton.ac.uk)