Housing – Critical Futures: Architecture_MPS launches series of conferences, book and journal publications


Conferences and Publications on Housing : 2016-2018

As part of its long-term research programme Housing-Critical Futures, AMPS launches:

1. A major series conferences hosted in the UK in 2016-17. Conferences will follow in Liverpool, London, Bristol and Derby, with other activities planned across the UK.

2. Three interrelated book and journal publication series connected to the conferences

The first conference is “Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery”

Place: Liverpool John Moores University.

Abstract submissions: 15th -30th May 2016

Conference Dates: 08th -09th September 2016 Visit: http://architecturemps.com/liverpool-2016/

Papers will be selected for publication in: Housing Critical Futures book series, UCL Press; Housing the Future book series, Libri Publishing; Special Issue Publications of the Architecture_MPS academic journal; AMPS conference proceedings. Visit: http://architecturemps.com/publications/

The conference and association publications are part of the international research programme Housing-Critical Futures. Visit: http://architecturemps.com/housing-critical-futures/